A Brief Introduction To ‘Kawaii’ Culture: A Comic

By Masahito Leo Takeuchi

In recent years the word ‘kawaii’, meaning ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ in Japanese, has become part of the English vocabulary. ‘Kawaii’ things are so ubiquitous in Japan that many locals do not even realise that it is so widespread. You will see all kinds of cute characters and products in stores, in the streets, even in banks and hospitals. I wrote about the phenomenon for my dissertation when I was at university, since a lot of my works are inspired by ‘kawaii’ things from Japan.


Here is a brief introduction to ‘kawaii’ culture, presented by some cute characters of my own – Crane and Turtle.



Masahito Leo Takeuchi is a British born Japanese Illustrator based in London. You can check out his work at: www.masahito.co.uk

ホームページ: www.masahito.co.uk