Video Interview: In Conversation With Yo Zushi

Words by Erica O. Luke
Film by Chloe White

Yo Zushi is a musician, writer and zine enthusiast. He was born in Japan but has spent most of his life in London, and has recently released his fourth album Smalltime. We were lucky enough to be treated to an exclusive live session and a chat with Yo about his ideas on the creative process.

熱狂的な zine (ジン)のファン、作家としても活躍している音楽家図師陽さん。日本生まれ、ロンドン育ちの彼が今回四枚目のアルバル「Smalltime」をリリース。ライブセッションとクリエイティブなプロセスについて特別にお話を聞く機会を頂いた。

“Smalltime is the first of three albums I’m going to release in 2013. The zine (which comes with the cassette and CDR versions) is made up of photos I took years ago – the roll of film was only developed the other day, having sat forgotten in a dusty box beside some Adrian Tomine comics I thought I’d lost forever. In memory of Roger Ebert, who died this year, and Elliott Smith, who died a decade ago. I didn’t know them personally but they inspired me (and still do).” – Yo Zushi


Check out more of his work here:

彼の作品は よりどうぞ。